Dried Mango 50 grams

Dried Mango 50 grams
Dried Mango 50 grams
Dried Mango 50 grams
Dried Mango 50 grams



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Okrong Thong Mango (Mango Golden Okrong) is one of the best mango in Thailand and it’s also
one of the popular mango for Thai and people around the world. It’s considered the best of
breed: sweeter and more fragrant compared to other types of mangoes.

Mango “Kaew Kamin” is popular in Thailand as the farmer can harvest for the whole year. It’s
sweet and a little bit sour turning out the great taste combination.

Mango “ Chok Anan” is a sweet mango and has an oval shape and tapered tips. The ripe fruit
and fleash are light yellow and have a sweet taste. Chok Anan is also called a “honey mango”

In some parts of the world, Mango is called the “ King of Fruits”. It’s native to Thailand and Southeast Asia and has been cultivated for over 4,000 years. This fruit is not only delicious but also boasts and impressive nutritional profile.

Thai people loves to have ripe mango as dessert serving with sticky rice or have the raw mango
dipped with chili, sugar and salt or dipped with Sweet Fish Sauce (Nam Pla Waan).

Our Mango branded “Yags” Soft Dried Mango (extra low sugar) is produced from 100% good quality

OKRONG THONG , KAEW KAMIN and CHOK ANAN, the mangoes are dried until golden, soft,
with little sugar, fragrant, sweet and sour.