Our Story

ginger tea

Our co-founders are ginger lovers and looking for a good quality of ginger tea, In 2020 we all had to face into Covid 19.  We reached out to GINGEN, the No. 1 Instant Ginger Tea brand leader in Thailand and finally we have been partnering up and being exclusive agent of GINGEN for the US market.

GINGEN is a manufacturer of “GINGEN”ginger powder products (Instant ginger),  GINGEN is the market leader in healthy drinks in Thailand. 

More than 40 years, we serve all the best healthy beverage and food. Our products are the first priority to people’s mind for herbal drink especially GINGEN (Ginger tea) 

From meticulous raw material selection to measurable production process, our products are accepted in both quality and taste to worldwide as pure natural drink for health. For many years in consumption market, we aim at to research and develop our products to serve the customers’ need according to fulfill our slogan “We serve you all the best healthy beverage and food”

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