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GINGEN Ginger Tea with Honey 100% Honey (10 Sachets - 180 grams)

GINGEN Ginger Tea with Honey 100% Honey (10 Sachets - 180 grams)

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GINGEN Ginger with Honey Benefits

"Ginger tea with Honey" allows you to enjoy more goodness and great taste in your cup. You will love its aroma while drinking, making your mind and emotion tranquilize. Also experience light body with its effect as carminative, relieving your stomach.

Sipping GINGEN Ginger drink can give you the pleasure time, with the benefits of ginger to enhance balance, and refresh your body with the aroma.

Hot cup with original taste of raw quality ginger and natural honey sweet.

GINGEN Ginger Tea with Honey 100% Honey (10 sachets - 180 grams)
Ingredients: 68% Ginger Extract, 17% Brown Sugar, 15% Honey (100% Natural, Caffeine Free, No Preservatives, No Artificial Color)

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    If you love ginger and honey, this is a good choice to make. Just pour content into cup of hot water, stir and enjoy. It tastes good too!

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    I just LOVE this product! Great in the fall and winter. Just an all around great product. Worth every penny!!! Amazing taste, especially in hot tea and lemon.

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    Flavorful and great quality for a good price!fast delivery and the product is just as expected, have used this brand for years, yummy and good for you!